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Click here for further info on how to register for the summer season. Current members will all receive this information by email.

Hi All

We are pleased to announce that Summer Registrations are now open.
Fees for summer are $150, and can be paid by credit card or EFT when registering.
Registrations close on August 20th 2017.

Because we are registering as teams the registration process is a little different to the winter season.  The team organisers need to register the team, then the players need to accept the invitation to join the team & register.

If you are organising/coaching a team for the summer season please click here to register it. Click on the blue section at the bottom called "Please click here to register a new team" 
Once you have registered the team your players will receive an email with an invitation to register.  Please note that your team is not considered fully registered until all of your nominated players have registered on line.  It is your responsibility to ensure all players register prior to registrations closing on Aug 20th. You can check this by logging into your team managers portal at any time.

If you are a player and have organised to be part of a team please wait until your receive an email invitation for the team organiser.  You can then accept the invitation which will take you directly to the link to re-register.  You will need to log into your account, select your name from the menu & click the "re-register" button at the bottom of the screen. Then you need to select the "pay your fees" tab to make payment.
Please ensure that all of your details from last summer are correct & still relevent.
If you have organised to be part of a team but havent received an email invitation, please contact the team organiser/coach directly.

If you receive an email invitation & do not wish to play summer netball please decline the invitation (this will tell the team organiser that you dont wish to play).

If you are a player & do not have a place in a team, and do not receive an email invitation, but still wish to register for the summer season, please click here.  We will do our best to allocate you to a team. If we cannot allocate you to a team we will refund your fees in full.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Tania  0403 821 598